Saturday, June 11, 2011

Daion, Anyone?

Today I thought I'd change it up and post on the higher-end of the scale, both by year and quality with the Daion badged guitar while I'm waiting to get those lost Magnum badge pics.  Made by Yamaki, these electrics and acoustics were well-received by the public when they debuted in 1978 and were made well beyond the 1980 benchmark.  Yamaki also made their own house brand which included both electrics and acoustics as well.  The company was founded much earlier than the Daion badge appeared, back in 1962 by a pair of brothers:  Yasuyuki and Hirotsygu.  The company still exists today as a supplier of high-end guitar parts for foreign guitar manufacturers.  Here's just a few pics:

Daion guitars were manufactured after Yamaki had really established itself in the market.  The acoustic guitars are highly sought-after by collectors all over the world for their quality, and the electric guitars which have an unmistakable rosewood and maple neck design, are just a joy to behold.  Much has been written about this famous badge, including several fan sites in Japan.  The distinctive script badge and tuning-fork logo are symbols of quality to Daion owners and collectors around the world.  Here's just a few sites on this legendary badge:

Just a quick tip...if your Daion is from Australia and has a sticker "Daion" badge instead of a plate, you have a Korean-made Daion in your possession.  These were made well after 1980.

Happy collecting!

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