Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marchis Guitars, Part II

Well I've got something to show you this week, rather than a long discussion.  Here's the Marchis that's from Flat Eric's Blogger page:

This looks almost exactly like East Bay Ray's Marchis from the Dead Kennedys.  Natural finish, natural neck. Did they really come from the factory this way?

Now here's a Marchis from Carl, another owner.

This Marchis is obviously a much earlier Les Paul example.  What's striking is the simple black neck.  Carl says that the original scratchplate was black, too.  Notice that the later version has an applied badge plate screwed on, while the earlier version appears to have been attached as simple label.  But the script is identical.

So here are two examples of this rare guitar.  Do you have one?  Is it similar or different than these examples?  Let me know!


  1. Hi Torch
    That same distinctive bell-shaped truss-rod cover was used by Maruha, a long defunct Japanese manufacturer. Whether Maruha built electrics, and whether that TRC was unique to them I don't know.

    However, for what it's worth I can tell you is that the Marchis acoustic guitars were built by Yamaki.

  2. Hey the moniker. Hmmmm...that's interesting. I've never heard of Maruha before...have to check up on that for my Japanese manufacturer page!

    Yamaki? That's what another reader said, although I've never seen a reference for this guitar badge(electric or acoustic) made by Yamaki...they made so few badges as far as I know like Jedson and Dion. Something else to look into...if they made the electric versions as well. My hunch is that the electrics were made by Dyna...which made things for Yamaki from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing the information with my readers! If you could send a pic of a Marchis acoustic, that'd be sweet.

  3. Hey! I've got a Marchis SG copy, cherry red with double humbuckers. It's atleast 40 years old, my father bought it used from a friend in 74, and I found a condom from the electronics that expired -72. Seriously. Kept it there, too, maybe it effects the sound (apparently, my fathers friend thought it would be a perfect place to hide a condom).

    Also, I'm finnish, so atleast a few models made it here too.

  4. I Torch, I have one Marchis guitar like Carl. But mine is Black and white and as U say the label seems to be a a sticker so I guess it's the older version. A that day I know that it's 37 years old. Need any Pictures ??? let me konw

    And by the same do you have any specs about that baby ???

  5. I have a Marchis hollowbody es 175 copy. Anyone ever see one?
    Plays beautifully!

  6. I have a marchis lespaul I want information about it pls help