Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maruha/F. Hashimoto Guitars

In investigating the Maruha badge, this is what I've found thus far:

Long ago in the 1960's in Japan was a small company known as Maruha Gakki (maybe).  Maruha made badged acoustic, archtop and parlor guitars (which are REALLY nice with great pearl inlays!).

Maruha parlor guitar...sweet!

 Jedistar quotes another source that says these guitars were made by another company:  Gakki Seizo.  I've not been able to figure out if Maruha Gakki really existed or if Maruha guitars were in fact, produced by Gakki Seizo which DOES exist.  It looks like the run they had was through the 1970's and some Maruha guitars were badged F. Hashimoto... although who he was or if it was just a name they picked is a mystery.  The F. Hashimoto badges seem to be valued by blues and folk players for the guitar's sound quality and are more valuable than the Maruha.  Here's a few examples:

Maruha cherryburst from Japan

Check out the scroll label...

Maruha Archtop

F. Hashimoto

F. Hashimoto


  1. Looking at Japanese sites, allowing for poor transation, specs on my F100M was spruce top and mahogany sides and back, all plywood construction. Obviously a Martin copy, but it has more of a Guild sound (another often plywood constructed guitar). I've read that the guitars had both maple or mahogany, so aren't sure. Sound is very gentle, very sweet bass, highs very Martin'ish. Mine is in excellent condition and is an early 70s model, so I would have to say that construction quality is superb. The thin neck reminded me of an old Epiphone Texan, which is what attracted me to it, and it's tone is closer to Gibson or Guild than Martin.

  2. I just found a F. Hashimoto W315 in mint condition. All I had to do was to lower the action to my taste (some neck and saddle adjustment), now it plays like a charm. This W315 doesn't carry any stamp inside, while my W350 has the stamps. It isn't ornated: simple features, even no dots on the side of the neck. The W315 is plywood all over ( but high quality plywood), spruce top (beautifull grain), mohagony back and sides (dense nervature, quality wood). The X - brace crossing is covered with cloth to enhance stability. After nearly 40 years the construction is still impeccable. Soundwise, it has the typical mohagony sound, and good sustain. No dead spots higher up the neck. Lots of joy playing it. Neck profile is more D - like, while the W350 has a stronger V - neck profile. The W315 is easier on my hands. For piceters please view:

  3. There is one for sale currently on Guitar Museum

  4. I picked up a Maruha D18 copy about 10 years back. Paid $85 at a used instrument store. It sounded great but the low E buzzed on a high fret (7th or 8th). I found a way to fix that. Great little guitar.

  5. I have a Maruha FB320
    Can any one tell m,e what it would be worth

  6. Maruha Instrument Manufacturing Limited produced the Hashimoto Guitars. Maruha is closed now but, was located in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture. Mr Hashimoto was an avid guitarist and also known as a decorated military man. It is said he designed a fighter plane during the Second World War according to the research I have come across on Japanese websites.

    1. Do you know what it means, or what type of copy when its no serial nr, just mod. F100? I Love guitars and its the BEST i played on even if im not good haha ;) it also says vertically to the logo H . T . and what looks like a faded A or K. doesnt have any of the shapes of this site on the body though! and it is old and "Broken" ;) you know anything about this?

  7. I found a w330 at a yard sale and paid $40 cdn. This guitar, in my humble opinion, has it all - looks, playability, and sound. It's a fabulous instrument. I only wish that I could learn more about F. Hashimoto and perhaps the true value

  8. Here's a link to information about a W66 dread - one of a kind. It was sold before I wazs able to test and play it. What a gorgeous guitar that is!!!!!


  9. I was Able to buy A Hashimoto G 100 and if I can read it correctly it is build in 1973 , it is a nylon string guitar stil in verry fine condition .
    It is a solit top spruce and mahogany sides and back payed 125 Euro.
    It sounds great I am happy with it .

  10. At this moment there is a Hashimoto for sale at Ebay , but the funny thing is the seller swears it is a K-Hashimoto instead
    F-Hashimoto .now on some labels I see F-Hashimoto and on some others ( like mine , witch is the same label as the one now for sale ) only -Hashimoto- on the label , can any one inlighten this .?

  11. This week I am goïng to have a look at a W380 it is in need of a repair .

  12. I have purchased it and brought it strait away to a luthier to repair the neck.
    It has a solid spruce top but the rest is plywood and if I have a good look at the side is is in bookled , the back has a "triangle" in it.
    Now having a good look at mij G 100 it also has plywood sides and back and the sides are also in "bookled " .

    I hope to send pictures as soon as she is back from repair .

  13. I got my F Hashimoto W330 in the UK in 1977 I almost bought by accident - I went into a music shop and played it and had to buy it. It's still in great shape 40 years later. Great sound, looks fantastic, no technical problems with it at all ever. This is it being played at a gig back in 2009.


  14. I went to the luthier who is repairing my W 380 , it has strings on now for a week and the repair is ok by the end of next week it wil be finished .
    I also found te datestamp is sais 770714 so she is almost 40 jears old .

  15. I recently bought a T160 12 string Maruha and have not been able to find information on it. I'm very curious about the availability of original hardware I can get to replace a few damaged tuning pegs.

  16. I have a F.Hashimoto W320 that I've just picked up, date stamp 10 January 1983.
    Does anyone know what this model is modeled from?
    It's actually one of the most well finished guitars, i own, incredible workmenship.
    At the same time I also got a Maruha T320 12 string, once again in amazing condition and date stamped 22 June 1974.
    Would like to know if there's other owners out there of these models.

  17. I have an FB130 which was found in a loft of a house an Uncle bought about 25 yrs ago. He said did I want it. It had a bit of damage like it had been dropped and there was a crack at the back/bottom about three inches long but no wood missing. I got it repaired by a luthier friend and cleaned it up and it plays quite well. I have some About twenty guitars, acoustic and electric, and it's fine to play at home and not too bad a sound, probably similar to some of the Cheaper Fender acoustics, but no where near a Martin or Taylor. Serial number is 741111.