Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Rare Jack....

Black Jack guitars are RARE. So rare, in fact, that I've never seen a picture of one. They seldom come up for sale and are a bit of a mystery.  Made in the 1960's, these hollowbody and semihollow electrics and basses have been attributed to Matsumoku, who made so many of these mystery badges.  Black Jack has been compared to examples from Univox, also a Matsumoku badge, although others believe it to be from another unknown manufacturer. Violin-shaped and a trifle old-fashioned, Black Jack is another lost page in the history of MIJ guitar lore.

Do you own a Black Jack?  Share it with us!  Send a pic!



    Acquired this Black Jack bass guitar yesterday thought you might want to see a pic.

  2. I found this blog looking for info on a guitar I have had in my family since the 60s. It's a black jack with Japan stamped on the back.
    No idea how to post a pic here, but if anyone has any interest or info let me know