Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orange Guitars...Fruit or Color

Imagine for just one moment you are in Japan in the 1970's.  You are a guitar manufacturer.  Everyone assembles at a table to sift through new names for their badged guitar.  Someone suggests "Orange" as a name.

Freaky, huh?

There is a manufacturer named Orange located in Singapore today. Since 1968, Orange has been making amps along with guitars with the name of Orange.  Perhaps demand was so great that they chose Fernandes (one of the makers of Burny and Nady) to meet demand.  Fernandes was no small operation, as they were competing with some of the biggest manufacturers in the Japanese heyday of copied badged guitars.  I'd have to believe Orange was in America before the move overseas, but I can't confirm that.

Do you have an Orange?  Take a bite out and send it along to share!


  1. HI Torch,

    I just bought this Orange model 310 from Japan and I can't find bo diddly on it. Just clues leading to more clues... Any ideas?

    Check it out below.


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  3. From what I've gathered, Orange was built by Tokai as a 2nd brand for Fernandes. Originally it was the store brand of an eponymous music shop in Osaka.

  4. Hi there! Can we get in touch? Me and a friend owned around 100 of these MIJ beauties... Maybe we can help you out! I have a clear sound that is identical to an Audition, does it mean Teisco made both??