Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh god...the comment I didn't want to see

Well, everything was going just some new information to add to my list...when a reader out there in cyberspace says "Hey, Torch!  You're waaaay wrong on some of those brands...." 

Oh god.  Please don't tell me that.  Please don't tell me I wasted months of reading threads, articles, magazines and a book here and there.  Please don't tell me the list is wrong or somehow, I got the wrong information. Please don't tell me that.

Damn.  Double damn. 

Sigh.  Well, it's not like I've been studying this for 20 years. Or 10.  Or 5.  I'm a relative newcomer.  And I just want to help the vintage guitar community find information.  ACCURATE information!

You know, one of the sites I found as I read was Jedistar.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  I was in awe. To think that someone, somewhere, took the time and effort to put all that information on the Internet in easy to search made me realize how important collecting is to the vintage guitar community.

Sigh.  I'm nowhere near that high point of Jedistar.  I'm not a Jedi yet.  And I want to correct the damn list.  And I don't know if the guy pointing out my failure will bother to take the time to explain where I'm wrong, damn it.

Now what should I do?  Take it down?  Forget the whole thing?  Put all that work aside and say "Forget it?"

No.  I don't give up that easy.

I guess I just wrote all this to say if you see a error or omission, LET ME KNOW!  I want to get it right.  REALLY!  

Now if I could just get some sleep.....

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