Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Orlando Guitar, A Friend and an Inability To Find Information....

So people ask, 'Hey, Torch! How'd you get this research blog started since you don't play?!'

Good question.  Here's the story.

Torch has a good friend called Noah.  Yeah, like the ark.  He's a musician and plays guitar for screamo bands.  Anyhow, while visiting him one afternoon, he says "Got a new guitar.  It's cool.  Want to see?"

I said sure.  And he brings out this guitar with 'Orlando' on the mother of pearl. A nice guitar.  Wicked.

Noah plays it for a song or two.  Then he sighs.  "Isn't it cool?  I wish I knew who made it...."

I laughed.  "Look on the Internet!  Everything's on there!"

"Not this guitar." said Noah.  "I know, I've looked.  I can find this model and a picture of one like it, sure.  But NOBODY knows who made this brand.  NOBODY."

I snorted. "Yeah, right.  Come on, SOMEBODY has to know."

"Then you find 'em"  Noah said.  And that was the start of my search.  I promised Noah I'd have his answer in a week.  A week turned into two weeks. A month.  Two months.  Finally after THREE MONTHS of reading everything I could find, both online and in print, I discovered ONE person who had an Orlando in his shop which needed repairs.  In taking the guitar apart, he found an ARIA label!  Solved!  Noah was totally geeked to hear the news.

But it bugged me.  It bugged me that it took that much time and effort to find the answer.  So I began the quest to get it all in one spot, as accurate as possible.  Why?  Because I don't think ANYONE should have to work that hard for a simple answer!

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